Besides the sponsorships and projects, there are more ways to support the survivors of sexual violence during the genocide against the Tutsi.


  • Support with a one-time donation.
  • Buy the books ‘The men who killed me’ and/or the sequel ‘And I live on’ and/or ‘For those who don’t believe in miracles’. Part of the proceeds will go back to the survivors. The books are available as an E-pub or as a hard copy book.
  • Buy the coffee of Bèkske: Rwandan Empowerment Coffee; specialty and fair coffee produced by Rwandan women, with which they make an income. Win-win!
  • Invite us to your organization, school, Rotary club, Lion’s club, Soroptimist club, church, and so on. We present the work we do and sell products made by the survivors.
  • Organize a photo exhibition with the survivors in the center. We have the materials for this.
  • Be actively involved in the work of the Mukomeze Foundation as a volunteer by raising funds, spreading the goals of Mukomeze or offering your qualities to Solace Ministries or Mukomeze (such as ICT, translations, medical equipment for the health clinic, and so on).
  • Include the Mukomeze Foundation in your estate. By including Mukomeze in your will, you contribute to the empowerment of women and men and to increase their self-reliance and dignity for now and the next generations.


Help the women of Rwanda. Support them with a monthly or one-time donation. Look here to learn more about donating to Mukomeze.

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