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Two accomplish more than one


The Mukomeze Foundation wants to reach and involve more people in supporting women and men in Rwanda who experienced sexual violence in 1994 during the genocide against the Tutsi and who bear the pain and adverse physical, psychological and socio-economic consequences of this crime to this day.

In addition to the many ways that already exist in which you as an individual can support Mukomeze, there is now also the possibility of becoming a Friend of Mukomeze. And because friendship is reciprocal, ‘becoming a friend’ does not only mean that we ask you for a donation. We want to involve you in the work that we and our partner organization Solace Ministries do. You will be kept informed regularly through a newsletter about the developments of the people and communities we support. In addition, there will be an annual online meeting with Mama Lambert, head of counseling at Solace Ministries, and/or Jean Gakwandi, director of Solace Ministries. Finally, we have an annual gift for you: for example, honest and delicious specialty coffee from Rwanda, grown by Rwandan women that we support as Mukomeze, and/or a book with the stories of the powerful women we work with, like Mama Lambert (see bottom of page for more information).

We also invite companies to become a Friend of Mukomeze. This can be a one-time donation or annually. If you would like to donate an amount higher than €1000 on a yearly basis, we will be happy to discuss with you how we can share our work and philosophy with you. We can also, if you wish, place your (company) name or logo on our website.

The proceeds of your donations will, unlike the sponsorships and projects, be used, especially in this Covid-19 period, to pay for unforeseen costs or costs that are not covered by the projects or sponsorships.

You can think of a roof of a house that collapses, a cow that dies unexpectedly, transport costs of medical equipment from the Netherlands to Rwanda, sponsorships that are stopped and must be taken care of, etc. In addition, Mukomeze has for many years contributed €600 per quarter for personnel costs at Solace Ministries.

We very much welcome you as a Friend of Mukomeze.

You can download the mandate direct debit Friend of Mukomeze here, fill it out and send it to us (by post or by e-mail). Or you can arrange a monthly or annual donation via our donation page (via credit card payment); in that case, please mention in the ‘message box’ that you are making the donation as a Friend of Mukomeze.


Ababiri Baruta Umwe Two accomplish more than one


Friendship Monthly Yearly Friendship gift (annual)
Friend 5 euro 50 euro Annual online meeting with Mama Lambert and/or Jean Gakwandi
Friend + 10 euro 100 euro Meeting + 250g Bèkske Rwandan specialty coffee
Friend ++ 25 euro 250 euro Meeting + 750g Bèkske Rwandan specialty coffee
Friend +++


50 euro 500 euro Meeting + Book (epub or hard copy) by Mama Lambert, Book ‘And I Live On’ or 1 kg Bèkske Rwandan specialty coffee
Business Friend 1000 euro Online meeting with Mama Lambert and/or Jean Gakwandi + lecture at your company about Mukomeze’s work or a related topic + logo on our site
Business Friend + More than 1000 euro Idem/In consultation