Donate a goat (35 euro) to a woman in our program

Raising goats is very significant in Rwandan society, especially in rural areas where poor families strive to sustain themselves. Apart from being the easiest animal husbandry to raise, goats offer a multitude of benefits that profoundly impact the lives of those in need.

First, goat’s milk provides a valuable source of protein, vitamins, and minerals essential for maintaining good health, especially for children suffering malnutrition and the elderly.

Secondly, goats are remarkably resilient and well-suited to persist and reproduce in challenging environments. They can graze on marginal lands and consume a variety of vegetation, making them an ideal livestock choice for regions with limited resources and unpredictable climates and due to their quick reproduction, they are a source of income.

Finally, their manure is good for fertilizing in agriculture.

You can donate a goat via our donation page by making a one-time donation of 35 euro. In the box ‘message’ you can indicate that your donation is made for a goat.