Mukomeze is run entirely by volunteers. In addition to the board that carries out the day-to-day tasks, there is an international advisory board that we can turn to with questions. Our ambassadors also help to bring the Mukomeze Foundation to the attention.


Anne-Marie de Brouwer (Chair)
Anne-Marie is co-founder and chair of the Mukomeze Foundation. Anne-Marie is also affiliated with IMPACT: Center against Human Trafficking and Sexual Violence in Conflict and Bèkske: Rwandan Empowerment Coffee.


Antoinette van der Kaa (Secretary)

Antoinette is a social worker in the women and youth care. Besides secretary of Mukomeze, she is also team member of Bèkske: Rwandan Empowerment Coffee.

Profielfoto Freek Dekkers

Freek Dekkers (Treasurer)
Freek is co-founder and treasurer of the Mukomeze Foundation. Freek works as a self-employed administrator in the Breda /Tilburg region.


Christine van Noort (Sponsorships)
Christine works at the municipality of Hilversum as a legal advisor. She is in charge of the sponsorship programme of Mukomeze.

Lia foto bestuur

Lia Kleuskens (Projects)
Lia recently graduated in Conflict Studies and Human Rights with a background in Psychology. She is project coordinator at Mukomeze.

Internationale adviesraad

Patrick Cammaert (Major General (off duty))

Sandra Ka Hon Chu (Co-Executive Director with the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network)

Usta Kaitesi (CEO Rwanda Governance Board / author ‘Genocidal Gender and Sexual Violence (Intersentia 2013)’)

Denise Uwimana (Genocide survivor / Founder Iriba Shalom)

Eefje de Volder (co-founder Impact: Center against Human Trafficking and Sexual Violence in Conflict / Advisor labor exploitation CoMensha / co-owner Bèkske: Rwandan Empowerment Coffee)

Pinar Okur (Fellow Edmund Hillary Fellowship (EHF) / Humanitarian and Development Advisor Upinion)


Rianne Letschert (President Maastricht University)

Patrick Cammaert (Major General (off duty))

Lauren Jackson (Sportswoman and women’s rights ambassador)

Previous board members of Mukomeze: Vanessa van der Sommen (secretary, 2008-2010), Nicolle Sommers (general board member, 2008-2010), Marieke van Eik (general board member, 2008-2010), Marie-José Hoefnagel (general board member, 2008-2016), Annemarie Middelburg (secretary, 2010-2015), Eefje de Volder (general board member projects, 2010-2019), Pinar Okur (general board member communication, 2011-2019), Lela Saou (general board member, 2012-2014), Anke Vroomen (secretary, 2015-2017), Martine van den Heuvel (secretary, 2017-2019), Karin van Hirtum (general board member communication, 2020-2021), Marielle van de Weijenberg (general board member fundraising, 2021-2022), Manouk Weerts (general board member communication, 2023-204). Murakoze cyane for all your efforts!


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